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Exercise TV on Demand

Exercise TV on Demand was a great service brought to us by our cable TV providers. However, Exercise TV stopped broadcasting in December of 2011, Bikini Body Makeover and has left many Exercise TV on Demand fan and customers wondering where to turn to get great workouts and material. Fortunately, there are many different ways to still watch Exercise TV, and just because they stopped broadcasting doesn’t mean we have to stop working out, losing weight, and achieving our health goals. So, you’re probably wondering what your options are?

Option 1 Purchase DVD Series

Many of the series from Exercise TV have been turned into their own DVD workouts. If it was a popular show or series, it’s probably available on DVD. We’ve done the searching for you, and have compiled a list of the top Exercise TV on Demand workouts now on DVD. Sure, they cost a little bit, but $7 for a workout DVD is much cheaper than the gym, and spending a little something is a good motivator to actually put it in the DVD player and push play.You can do it! And here’s a List of Exercise TV DVD series to help you!

If you like Yoga, we have a collection for you to browse here.

Additionally, you may see Jillian Michaels list of DVD series and books here.

Option 2 Watch Exercise TV on Demand Online

Your second option is to rent or watch Exercise TV on Demand online. There are several places that still rent out or sell episodes of Exercise TV. iTunes and Amazon Instant Streaming both have options to browse. We’ve put a list of their collections out to save you time.

Option 3 Watch Exercise TV Instant Streaming

The third option is to find free videos to watch online. If you have Hulu, you can watch a couple of short exercise videos through them. Or, you can find some videos on YouTube. Again, to save you time we actually have a whole list of videos you can watch here for free!

Exercise TV on Demand may no longer broadcast on your cable provider, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop working out or can’t reach your goals – You Can Do It!

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Workout + Diet

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  • Avatar non-happydays_r_lemons Is it possible to stream the insanity workout online?
    Feb 06, 2012 by non-happydays_r_lemons | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I'm just wondering if I could potentially stream the insanity work-outs from a site somewhere. I mean, I've been able to find most everything else so might as well try.

    • Well I think it's better to order them, first because it's illegal , second because you can try the program for 30 days which is half the duration of the program, and if you don't like the program for any reason you can contact customer support and they will give you full refund. Plus you get an online support with fitness experts if you have any questions during the workouts and to stay motivated.