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Every single year there are tons of men and women all over the globe that end up trying a wide range of different exercising techniques in search of a system that can provide them with the rock hard body they’ve dreamt of all their lives. What a large portion of these people end up discovering is there is only onekind of exercising that can actually put thebody they have always wanted within their easy reach. The name of this increasingly popular program that more people all the time are achieving amazing results with is Insanity Workout Results.

If you have decided it’s high time you reached your goals of having a body you can be proud of with the use this workout system, it is importantthat you understandit should not be used by anyone who is not already in good overall physical condition.This is also not the exercise routine that you will want to jump right into if your body is not already accustomed to a vigorous and routine amount of physical exercise.If you are someone that just plans to ‘do a little toning here and tighten a little there’ this is not the workout system for you.

This is a serious one-of-a-kind system that has the power to knock off a serious amount of weight, and in a relatively short amount of time. People that kept their sights in focus and stayed devoted throughout the entire workout system were able to see significant changes take place in just under two months.As a matter of fact, there are even several people that claim they were able to lose as much as 50 pounds just by following the intense exercise program included in Insanity Workout Results. When you take into consideration the average amount of weight that most people generally lose when various dieting and other types of weight loss exercise regimes are used, it is easy to see just how incredible a feat this workout system truly is.

There are many fitness experts that have described this full-body exercise system as being one of the best, most effective, and wide-ranging fitness programs being used by an enormous amount of people the world over today. Most would agree that there is no better way for a person to obtain a body like Shaun T., world-renowned fitness expert and creator of Insanity Workout Results, than to follow the intense exercise regime that has been laid out in detail by the man himself. In this Beachbody program you will find several different extreme workout plans that the user is able to choose from. Specific areas of the body are targeted in each separate workout routine, such as the following:

  • Cardio Training – Any good workout plan will always include exercises that are designed for the improvement of the cardiovascular system. If it doesn’t, you need to keep looking until you locate one that does.
  • AB Training –Just as cardio training is essential to a full-body extreme workout plan, so is AB training. Without it, there is no way a person can acquire the full-body rock-hard beach-body look.
  • Resistance Training – In Insanity Workout Results there are several different types of exercises that are used for resistance training. The design of these exercises is to cause a contraction of the muscles as they work to fight against an outside resistance. The results that are expected from resistance training are to have a much greater level of endurance, a higher level of strength in the muscles, and improved mass, tone, and strength. To name just a few of the items that are frequently used in resistance training includes rubber tubing designed to be used for physical exercising, dumbbells, water bottles, bricks, the weight of the person’s body, and as wide range of other items that will cause a contraction of the muscles.

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I think there is a lot to say for exercise that

2011-11-09 13:13:54 by ocgirl79

Is fun. mmm below is doing live action role play? that is great!
I saw this article (maxim) rating the results of like 4 different exercise dvds...
p90x (crazy insanse workout)
insanity (crazy insane workout)
another one that I can't remember but similar to the above 2
and then some really generic dance to the beats workout which isn't nearly as intense as the first 3...
the last one got the best results!
I think it's because people are more likely to do it for an hour instead of fucking sweating your ass off doing leaps around the room?
I always think I'm going to start some extreme exercise thing but I never stick with it. I always stick to just like dancing around the room or walking

I tried not eating as much

2013-01-15 13:07:05 by lilmama1987

I tried running everyday, I tried diet pills (do not recommend those to anyone) I've tried it all. I was 100lbs when I got pregnant and then gained 70 with my son
A year later, after trying several different diets and exercise routines the only thing that I've actually seen results with is what I'm doing right now. No sodas... insanity workout and visalus shake diet plan. Down 6 lbs in 8 days

Ten easy ways to get your creative juices flowing  — Globe and Mail
There's no need to go searching for a creative workout space. The stretches can easily be done in the privacy of your head. When we exercise our creativity, we use ... Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over ...

A fun  example  clip of the  Insanity workout  Pure Cardio with my input.
Lons INSANITY-Pure Cardio Example Clip

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  • Avatar Ryan Shah Would I have a six pack after the insanity workout?
    Oct 10, 2012 by Ryan Shah | Posted in Men's Health

    I'm fifteen and a little chunky (140 pounds, 5 ft. 5). I've done one of the workouts several times before but now I'm ready to do the full 60 days. Keep in mind that teens lose fat quicker than adults. I also plan on eathing healthy meals. Also during the course of the workout, I'm going to do the insane abs workout a couple times a week even though it isn't apart of the 60 day workout.

    • Probably not, but I'm sure it will get you in killer shape. Those actors on TV are just a sample of people for which the workout plan worked. Doing insanity will get you in good shape. You can then perform ab exercises with weights to achieve your goal of a six pack. Remember, nobody cares about your six pack unless your entire body is well proportioned with it, that is, work out your arms, legs, chest, shoulder, and back as well.